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I just filled out Finale's pricing survey. 
MakeMusic is missing the point with its pricing questionnaire. 
MakeMusic needs to change to a subscription model for Finale.

Given all the issues, bugs and unfinished development in the current software, it's evident you don't have enough engineers.
You need to go to a subscription model in order to be able to hire enough engineers to retire your backlog of bugs, legacy features, poor UI, inadequate midi editor, abysmal lyric text editor, essential features only in plugins, and other bugs that show up and linger for months or years.
There are thousands of users that don't upgrade, given the inconvenience of your upgrade process, thereby depriving you of a potential source of revenue. People show up in chat rooms and social media groups still running 2012. A lot of people.
Finale is worth investing resources in. You need to find a way to get those resources.

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Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I wanted to acknowledge here that I've shared your feedback with product management, and I'll be following up you privately as well.

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