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Apparently, when changes are made to a chord on a part (like adding or changing an extension or adding an alternate bass), not only is that change not automatically reflected in the score, but also it's impossible to copy those changes from part to score with the selection tool. 

So for example, if you type a D chord in the score, but in a part you notice it should be Dm and you change it, that change is not reflected in the score! Same if you make it Dsus4 or D/F#. Stays in the part, not in the score. 

Yet, I notice that if I change a Dm from the score to a Dm7(b5) in a part, that chord extension change IS reflected in the score. But if I try to change a D to a Dm7(b5) on a part, that change isn't reflected in the score--still says D. So Dm to Dm7(b5) works, but D to Dm7(b5) does not.

I'm told that's not a bug, it's on purpose...? So you can make adjustments to parts without adjusting the score, I guess? That's an interesting feature, but then why does it work differently when changing m to m7(b5) than it does when changing a major chord to a minor chord? Doesn't make sense to me.

But if for some reason that's a feature people want (to have different chords on parts than on the score), and there some reason I can't think of that adjusting minor chords should work differently than adjusting from major to minor, then I'd love a feature that allows syncing the score to it's corresponding part. For example, I know there exists the possibility to "relink" the chord to the score, which changes the part to match the score, I'd really like to see the option to do the reverse--to adjust the score to match the part. Currently, there's no way to do that--you have to redo the score. Having to redo something rather than copy it or sync it seems very not Finale-like to me.

Stranger still, and maybe this is the kicker, guess what doesn't work? Copying from part to the score with the selection tool! The chord changes don't copy! So there's really no way to copy or sync what's on the part you've changed to the score. You have to redo it.

Is it just me or does that seem crazy? Copy and paste doesn't work from part to score?

Love to hear some feedback.



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… if you type a D chord in the score, but in a part you notice it should be Dm and you change it, that change is not reflected in the score …

… I'm told that's not a bug, it's on purpose …


The definition of a bug is that the program does not work as described in the manual.

Unless I am mistaken, the manual says that a chord suffix change is never unlinked.

Hence this behaviour is a bug.

I recommend that you report this issue to the folks in MakeMusic.

Use the link

Submit a request

at the top of this web page.

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