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I am having trouble getting the mute to turn OFF with a trumpet.

Oddly, with GPO5, n-Trumpet Plr1 KS and n-Trumpet Plr2 KS work with "Mute" and "Straight Mute" to turn on, but n-Trumpet Plr1 KS does not turn OFF with any of the Expressions. I've tried "senza sord." "Mute Off" "Mute Out" and "Open, but to no avail.

I checked the Aria player, and everything is in place.

My only work around was to move the muted sections for n-Trumpet Plr1 KS into another Layer, and then assigned n-Trumpet Plr3 KS or another with KS capabilities, and then returned to Layer 1 for unmuted.

Again, this problem only occurs with n-Trumpet Plr1 KS.

Any ideas?

I thought maybe a KS might have become "stuck." Because mute ON and OFF worked for n-Trumpet Plr2 KS, I tried that for n-Trumpet Plr1 KS, but to no avail.

I also created a new staff, copied all from n-Trumpet Plr1 KS and pasted it into the new staff, and then used "Clear selected items..." to clear all of the Expressions. Again, it did not work for either n-Trumpet Plr1 KS or n-Trumpet Plr2 KS

Something must be stuck behind the scenes?

BTW--how does one apply the Keyswitch C2 with an Expression?

Pursuing this a little further, I created a new document with a simple trumpet line to test the mutes.

All but the final Cup Mute worked, as well as the mutes off.



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