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There should be a tool like the lyric tool but for a 12-tone row matrix. You can put in numbers or letters and click calculate to fill in all the tone rows. So, you got in front of you when composing or analyzing a piece in finale. 

Like this maybe Twelve Tone Row - Matrix Calculator



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That would be a good beginning - but only a beginning!

The matrix only shows the results of three transformations: Transposition, Retrograde and Inversion.


The missing transformations:


Cyclic Rotation

(e. g. adding 6 to each position, so that e. g. the Position 1 tone moves to Position 7, the Position 2 tone moves to Position 8, &c.)




Parameter Switcheroo

(so that Pitch 7 at Position 2 becomes Pitch 2 at Position 7, &c.)


However, while your idea is a good one, I would not hold my breath, waiting for a such feature in Finale.

Instead, I would hire a third party developer.

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