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As recommended by the GPO5 support, I'm posting here a GPO5 ARIA PLAYER feature request:

     **** The ability to tune GPO5 to 432Hz****   Ideally for Apple M1 Native and Windows.

More and more of my projects now require the 432Hz master tuning instead of 440Hz. Usually it is not a problem to get the master tuning of my virtual instruments to 432Hz, but GPO5 and ARIA player CANNOT DO THIS VERY BASIC THING !!!

Thus it would be a good improvement to implement this basic function in the GPO5 ARIA player as the demand for 432Hz tuning will just keep on growing. For example, I cannot do with GPO a string arrangement for a handpan tuned to 432Hz!

Many real instruments (as opposed to virtual) now come in 432Hz, like the handpan mentioned before, and many also adopted the 432Hz as their de facto tuning instead of 440Hz. There is even a real orchestra called "The 432Hz Orchestra"! Here is what its founder said about the 432Hz tuning:

Remembering his first encounter with an instrument tuned to 432Hz, Ivan Yanakiev – conductor of the 432 Hz Orchestra – says: "It was as if I was hearing the voice of God…”.  The professionally trained, young conductor Yanakiev came to enjoy the “sacred sound” when he accidentally asked a “gifted cellist” to pitch his instrument on 432Hz instead of the usual 440hz. After the cello had been tuned to the new sound, the cellist began to play the Prelude of the Orchestral Suite No. 1 in G by Bach.   “As if pure light and pure love started to fill up the room,” he said. “So new and brilliant".   The revelation was so influential to Yanakiev that he founded the 432 Hz Orchestra in November 2013.



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