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Windows 10, Finale 26 (ver. 27 on-hand)

I use external hardware sound modules with Finale, as well as time-dependent drum machines and effects processors.


Relying on the Windows clock to sync the modules, drummers and effects, based on the Beats Per Minute specified in each Finale score, is inadequate due to the imprecision of the Windows clock.


The Expert Sleepers USAMO is an external clock designed to solve this problem for DAW users.

USAMO’s VST plug-in sends an audio signal to its hardware unit which converts the audio to a precision MIDI clock signal.

This signal is sent back upstream to the DAW and downstream over a MIDI DIN cable.


The great advantage of this is that it’s transparent to the DAW. The DAW's native transports are in control.


It seems that VST plug-ins are accessible to Finale only when Finale is set to Play Finale through VST.

My playback configuration is through hardware MIDI - Play Finale through MIDI.


I need to bridge the divide between two rather unambiguous statements:

Finale – “It’s either one or the other – you must choose either MIDI playback or VST playback.”

USAMO – “The USAMO requires the USMO software, which you can download from here.”


If it weren’t for the second statement, a score might send an audio track to USAMO via an interface, and USAMO would do its thing oblivious to the audio’s source. *


I’m going to post this question to the Expert Sleepers forum, too.

Searching the Finale forum, I’ve seen mention of Note Performer, Kontact, Vienna Ensemble, Rewire, etc.

Frankly I don’t have a good reason to think any of these would help.

I have MIDI-OX and VST is not even mentioned.


I also have loopMIDI, so if someone thinks it might play a role, I’d appreciate that being considered in addition to suggestions for making USAMO work or any other clocking alternative you might be aware of.


* I believe E-RM’s multiclock would in fact run off of an audio track from Finale, but it’s a bit out of range at $600.


In the meantime, I have set Finale’s Sync and Video Options to MIDI Sync and am sending clock to it from the Roland A-800PRO.

This requires pressing Play in Finale and then reaching around to press Play on the Roland.

It also requires sending a STOP CC to the drum machines at the end of every score.


Even if not a major inconvenience, this is a constant inconvenience, nonetheless.

Thanks very much,



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Here is what the Finale Windows manual has to say about the Clock. I'm guessing it's nothing you don't already know but just in case… 


Rewire might be probably your friend here. Output Finale to your DAW in real time and control everything there. Even though the code is depreciated and only works in one direction, it might be your best bet. 


That depreciated code might be a problem in Windows—unless you have it already and your DAW still supports it. Unfortunately, this info from the manual is outdated and incorrect:

Visit Propellerhead's website for more information on ReWire...


The company is no longer called Propellerhead and ReWire is not available from Reason Studios, the new entity for a few years now. I have no idea if the Reason plugin is an acceptable substitute nor do I know where one can download the old ReWire plugin. 


Here are workarounds from MakeMusic Support: 



The Mac is different. ReWire functionality still works with CoreAudio, even though the code is depreciated and no longer installed by Apple apps such as GarageBand, Main Stage & Logic. I tested it on a clean install of my M1 and was surprised that I got it working between Finale and Digital Performer—which hasn't supported ReWire since version 9. Ok... not gonna argue with that till it doesn't work anymore.


Good luck!

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Thank you, Mike!

I have Cubase Elements 11 which does include Rewire.

I also have a relatively recent lite version of Ableton Live, but don't know whether there's any advantage to it.

The Finale Rewire page states "Play Finale Through MIDI is not supported", anyhow.


I'm putting some thought into using a Cubase feature called Generic Remote to start and stop the DAW, and how that might allow me to use the USAMO plug-in with Finale still set to use internal control/sync.

I have used Generic Remote to start Cubase recording by sending a Continuous Controller message/value from Finale at the beginning of the score. Of course, I was recording the audio generated by my sound module, via USB interface.

I'd say the downstream devices wouldn't technically be in sync with Finale, because Finale would still be on Windows clock.

Cubase doesn't slave to external clock. Ableton does, I believe, but that approach seems off target anyway.


I've run a trial with Finale on internal sync and the other devices slaving to a drum machine set to respond only to Start and Stop from Finale. I just have to adjust the drum machine (or other master) to the score's BPM.

The trial did okay, but again, the MIDI devices aren't technically in sync with Finale. They are dead-on in sync with each other, though.

I think I'll do a long score with only one staff full of quarter notes and see how well the beats are still aligned at the end of play.


I did get a response from the Expert Sleepers forum expert. He said that in theory I could record the plug-in's audio output into Finale's audio track (one track is available when in MIDI mode), and the USAMO would start and stop with the score. However, it would not start or stop mid-score, which of course is essential in composing.

That process would likely be extremely tedious it seems, recording an audio track with an exacting end point from a DAW into Finale. Oh, well.

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Rewire is dead and gone. Apple pulled the remaining libraries with Monterey 12.2. It hasn't been supported in Windows for years.


You can trigger other apps from Finale. I can still record MIDI into Digital Performer and Logic. Finale must be the Master, however, it's not bi-directional anymore—unfortunately, that's what you want. I have screenshots somewhere.  


You might try IAC in Audio MIDI I haven't because I've never had the need. There are a number of Apple Support docs on it. This one has links to others. 


Let us know if that helps.

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