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I am having an issue in Finale 27, Windows 10, where the sustained duration of non-slurred notes shortens with each instance of playback. This issue persists upon reinstall, with or without NotePerformer and/or Garritan. The issue seems to be independent of the sound libraries.

For instance, four slurred quarter notes will be played back the first time as four full length slurred quarter notes, but then the next time the final quarter note will be slightly clipped off, and if replayed back 5+ more times, it becomes more and more staccato. So after, let's say 5 playbacks, the playback result is 3 slurred quarter notes, followed by an eighth note and an eighth rest. Non-slurred notes' durations are shortened in the same fashion- after several playbacks, ALL non-slurred notes, with or without articulation, are played more and more staccato. Slurred notes that have their slur removed continue to sound slurred as well. I hope this all makes sense.

I've attempted to troubleshoot with the following results:

  • Using MIDI Tool -> Clear has inconsistent results, but will usually either do absolutely nothing, or clears out all articulations permanently. As in, I need to delete the measures and re-enter everything to get playback to read slurs/whatever. 
  • Setting Human Playback to None does not fix or make the problem worse. No effect.
  • The issue persists across projects new and old
  • Changes to HP- Preferences -> MIDI Data had no effect

Upon further troubleshooting, I discovered this possibly helpful tidbit- 

  • The MIDI Tool revealed that upon each playback, non-slurred notes' Stop Time often decreases (Not always, I couldn't determine the circumstances where it does/doesn't). Usually it reaches a bottom threshold (Randomly between -135 and -476) I am unsure how to prevent this, but it seems to be the key issue.
  • Manually changing the Stop time prevents future overrides, but this seems like a terrible workaround, as I'd need to manually provide stop times on every single note

I appreciate all your help in advance!

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It also appears that as non-slurs are made shorter, slurred notes are made longer (and eventually overlap)

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