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On my finale 25 on windows 10, I’m trying to score a piano trio for 6 hands. This includes 3 different grand staffs labeled piano 1, piano 2, piano 3. I have no problem creating this and only need to extend the left barline  (first barline) vertically to join this group. I can adjust brace but not that first barline. I can move any other other barline in the score. 
please advise. Step by step. I’ll attach a pic of a score that I’m trying to imitate. Why is this so difficult?? 

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Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce your problem.

For me, the left barline joins the 3 grand staffs:

What are your steps when you create the Finale document?

My own steps:

Using the Document Setup Wizard, add 3 pianos to the score.

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