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I have Mac OS Monterey.

I paid for upgrade to Finale 27.

Must note that this is both a Finale and garrittan issue, so I have pasted and copied same notes in both topics(Garrison and Final

It took me about 4 hours to figure out how to get Aria player, GPO5, and JABB3 to work together with the new upgrade. After research on the web I noticed that people have been having great difficulty with this issue for over a year and still no simple solution has been worked pout between Finale(Make Music), Garrison, and customers. Its a shame that customers pay for products and then have to do tech work to get around difficulties operating the product. I can understand how this can happen with trail or beta versions, but a paid for product should work. My guess is that maybe its a complication between Garrison, Finale? Nevermind all that. It should be managed simple.

For those who have had similar problems, this is what I did.

1-Deleted my GPO and deleted my JABB3, and deleted ARIA Player, all manually (Which took a considerable amount of time to go through all the folders and correctly delete everything).

2- Re-installed Aria Player(latest version 2.0..something), and reinstalled GPO and JABB.

3- I had to download some files that were not present in my downloaded garrison products from Help desk (GarritanJazzz3.soundmap, and Jazzz drums and percussion.xml) and put them into other folders inside Finale27.

Now everything works and Ive wasted valuable time fixing this instead of concentrating on the music.

Important to share and I hope this helps anyone else who has similar difficulty.

Best to all.

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With each new version of Finale, I compare the contents of e.g. /Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 26/ and /Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 27/. Anything that's not in the new folder, I copy over. 


This ensures I get all the JW plug-ins, etc in the new app.


Copying the MIDI Device Annotation Files and soundmaps for GPO is usually enough to get it working. 

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