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Currently running VEP 7.0, and latest Garritan version on MacOS BigSur.....

I'm setting up my orchestral template in VEP, and I'm successful in doing it with the Garritan instruments.  The problem is that my VEP instance I want to build is bigger than 16 tracks/instruments, which exceeds the MIDI channel limit of 16 in Aria player....

The way I get around this in other players is that I can specify MIDI IN and MIDI OUT channels, for example in my Epic Orchestra stuff, I can specify in the Synchron player a MIDI IN and OUT, so, when I exceed 16 channels out, I can just go to MIDI IN channel 2 and get 16 more.  I just change my MIDI controller to INPUT on channel 2 (which is a NI KK M32).

I do not see this in Aria player - looks like default is one value for both MIDI IN/OUT - is there somewhere I can split these to specify different values?




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