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I do a lot of horn ensemble arranging (french horn) and find when playing back that anything above a notated G above the staff is silent.  When I do such a score I write with the notes that the player will see when playing it, in other words a modified concert pitch score.  I realize that Finale cuts off anything above a concert F (top line treble clef) as that is the accepted modern range of the instrument.  However the scores I am arranging range from medieval to renaissance, baroque to romantic, classical and modern.  The range of the instrument, especially in the baroque era went up nearly an tenth above that, as seen in many scores of that era.  Is there a way to work around this limitation or is it a brick wall?

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The brick wall is the limitation of the Garritan Instruments for Finale.


You may notate as you like but if you want an instrument out of the range of GIFF, you need to use an instrument in a player that can do this. GIFF plays in ARIA, the default instrument or player that comes with Finale. You can use most of the players out there, many of which are also Samplers. SampleTank 4 CS (free) or Kontakt (paid), for example, can take a set of horn samples and set the range to whatever you need (how natural they sound at the top end may be an issue) — even the free Kontakt Player has some functionality in this regard. Sound Font/Sf2/Sfz libraries can use ARIA—many tutorials out there how to extend the range of those. 


In addition, there are baroque and renaissance libraries as well with different ranges than modern instruments. All will specify the range and the required player(s). Sometimes you get lucky and what you want is easily found and low cost or even free. Sometimes, it's more convenient to buy the library you need.


It's no crime to cheat a little. I recently did a piece requiring a theorbo and didn't have the top 3 notes in the VI (virtual instrument) I was using so, for those 3 notes, a baroque guitar was substituted. I defy anyone to hear the difference. 


I did this in Finale 27 using a theorbo VI from Fluffy Audio's Rinascimento collection in Kontakt. The MIDI was outputted via Rewire to Digital Performer where I added a baroque guitar, also from Rinascimento. 

I added the 20 audio tracks, edited and mixed.

(I could have used recorder VIs also—much faster and I have great ones for SampleTank, Kontakt and NotePerformer—but my singers did submit tracks so I used theirs).


One does what one must.

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