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I have an idea, by ''playback starting from''; instead of using the leftmost measure, or current counter setting from the playback settings menu, there should be markers, where you put the markers on the measure and it plays from there. Like in the some audio players where can mark A to B and the music starts on A  to B to loop. Then when you want on a other measure just pull it along. What you save is: Don't have to open the playback settings (save time), you can start on any measure you want not from the leftmost measure (save time), You don't have to set the current counter setting everytime anymore (save time),  you take it along with you, never have to go to the playback settings again, only if you want  ''by repeat'' should play directly the second time. For a good measure you can really make it A and B if someone would want a loop, if it's necessary.


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