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I am typing in piano notation. All is well. As soon as I put an 'mp' or 'mf' etc... on Human Playback, the tempo becomes very slow at random locations in the song, regardless of the playback speed. There are no tempo expressions on the staff such as rit. or accel. when it decides to slow down.

I couldn't figure out why it kept doing that, so I turned off Human Playback and have just been listening to the playback through the program for the last couple of months. Today I decided to try and figure out the mystery.  When I removed all of the dynamics (p, mp, mf, f) the tempo stayed the same throughout the song. So I removed them all and am keeping a copy of where they go, so I can add them back in after the song is finished.

I went to Human Playback preferences to see if there was anything there about tempo change upon dynamic change. Under Dynamics/Volume:

Crescendo/Diminuendo is marked as 'Automatic'. (When I use those tools they do not effect the tempo anyway.)

Curve (whatever that is) is marked as 'Automatic'. 

Auto Expression Emphasis is marked at 100%. (I played around with that number, and there was no change; the music still slows to a crawl when there is an mf (or whatever) typed anywhere in the document.)

Auto diminuendo on long ending notes is not checked.

Dynamic Approach for Sustaining Instruments is marked as 'Automatic'.

Base velocity (whatever that is) is marked at 127. (The highest value it will allow.) (I also played around with that number, and there was no change; the music still slows to a crawl.)

Human Playback Preferences Set is marked as Default Prefs.

I'm stuck. I have a fix - (remove all expressions for the song to play at a steady tempo) but I'd rather the volume increase and decrease when I tell it to (which is does) but without the tempo changing to a crawl when those expressions are put into the document.

Is this a bug, or am I missing some checkmark somewhere?



Windows 10 - Finale 27.1

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I would suggest exporting your music as XML and then importing it into a brand new file. That often strips out anomalies.


Save the new file under a new name in case you need to go back to it for reference or the like.

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