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Hi. I sometimes happen to use some more advanced time signatures like 9/8 11/8 13/8 etc. And sometimes when you use that large time signature (or even larger) you can use a dotted line to show where the 2 time signatures are divided - like for example 11/8 could be seen as 5/8 + 6/8 and then having a dotted line between the two makes it easier reading the music. And my feature request is that you should have an option adding an automatic dotted line (or lines) when using larger time signatures (like additive meters). 

And I know that you can create a line using smart shape and add it (which is a way I've used). But I think it would be easier, and maybe look more professional if there was a way where a dotted line was created automatically when you use these time signatures. Also that would be realllllyyy helpfull when doing larger scores with these kinds of time signatures. As the workarounds become more time consuming then. 


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