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Intro: I currently use and need to continue use of Finale 2014.5 which i run on a win7.1 pro 64bit OS, on an i5 pro 64b home computer.

Q-1: Can I purchase the $99 Upgrade of Finale 27.2 and install it to one of my 2nd and 3rd home computers, (one is w7.1, one is w10) ?

(Neither one of these two (2nd and 3rd) home computers has my Finale 2014.5 installed on it).

Q-2: Is there a chance that the $99 Upgrade Finale 27.2 will run with one of my w7.1 pro 64bit OS ?


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You are allowed to install of two PCs or Macs but run only one copy. The license manager doesn't care if you have an older version installed or not.


Per the System Requirements, Windows 8.1 is the minimum OS for 27.

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