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Windows 11, Finale 27

A while back I discovered a way to create a PDF file with custom height--accurately.
Somehow, I have forgotten a step.

I know there are multiple ways to create a PDF, but my situation is this:
I am creating documents 8.5"xCustom-Height so I can create PDFs that scroll vertically on websites.

For example, I have a piece that is 10 pages long. I change the Page Layout to 8.5"x100" (roughly).
I also change the Document size via Document/Page Format/Score.

Then, I use the "Print" option and choose Adobe PDF rather than the printer, and in the properties designate 8.5"x100" for the page size.
Then, in the Print Dialog Box I select 1-up and "Fit to page," click ok and the PDF is created.

Unfortunately, in Adobe Acrobat, the entire piece of music fits vertically within one page in the "Letter" (8.5x11) format.

In the past I had managed to "print" or "export" to PDF with the document being the same size, i.e. 8.5x100.

I am missing something!
BTW, I did try "exporting" via the Graphics tool, but it only exported the equivalent of one page, as well as "Export/PDF..."

Thank you in advance!

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Minor correction:

Sorry, but when I mentioned wanting the PDF to scroll vertically...

PDFs do scroll vertically in webpages on computers, BUT on iPhones they scroll only one page.

Thus the need for one page that is 8.5x100 (or whatever the custom height).

Again, I have done this successfully in the past, but I have forgotten one important step.


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