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UPDATE: RESOLVED - I did not realize Medieval 2 (if not all of Finale) was not Apple-Silicon-native yet.  Running in Rosetta did the trick.  smh

Greets, all!

I've brought this issue up with Klemm Music, the developer of the Medieval 2 plug-in.

Last week, I purchased the software and downloaded it, installing it to all default folders and making no changes to destination-folders.

Per the screenshots below, I have what seems to be a successful install (MacOS Monterrey and Finale 27), yet the registration drop-down menu does not appear.

Klemm directed me to make sure Medieval 2 appears in the Plug-ins folder, but I have now discovered Finale's quirk of making its Plug-ins folder impossible to get to with Finder, yet it appears in Finale > Preferences > folders

I cannot use Medieval 2 right now.  I cannot register.  It may be I did the install wrong in some way, and I'm quite sure it's something on my end and not the Plug-in having a glitch.

Thanks all!  I've been a Finale user since ca. 1994.


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Not enough information. What Mac—Intel or Apple Silicon? If Apple Silicon, try running Finale over Rosetta 2 and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise…


Finale's quirk of making its Plug-ins folder impossible to get to with Finder


No idea what you are talking about unless it’s that, if you have multiple versions of Finale installed, you may have multiple folders where plug-ins are installed. In any case, there’s no issue with finding it as long as you know how.

Is the Library visible? If not, learn how to make it visible or use the Go menu to find it. Apple’s Finder/Find is not very good for searching. Find Any is everything that’s not and is free to try. 


I had an issue with NotePerformer installing in the correct folder for 26 but not 27, resolved by copying it and pasting into the correct folder for 27. MM Support got back to me in a day with this solution. Subsequently, after I uninstalled 25 and 26, reinstalling NP always placed it in the correct directory.


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Thanks for this, Mike.  This reply will also be read by Klemm music.

What I am talking about it is I get no drop-down menu or other option to activate the Medieval 2 Finale plug-in (  I did not make myself clear at all. 

I purchased Medieval 2 from the above website (single-license). 

I received on 30 September the confirmation email from Klemm Music with the User ID, 'Magic passphrase', and a download link. 

I downloaded the software.  Installation was easy and successful.

I then open Finale 27.  Finale > Plug-ins > Medieval

Finale > Plug-ins > Medieval as I understand should give me a drop-down menu option allowing me to register. 

That drop-down option does not appear, and I can find no other place or location where it could be. 

I thought I read somewhere it had something to do with Finale's plug-ins folder.  I check Preferences (below) for the folder path, yet I cannot find a 'Plug-ins' folder in the folder-path specified in Finale Preferences.

Moreover, per the attached, I see lots of files and other things associated with Medieval 2.  I was even able to open one of the .musx templates, but again, I get no plug-in drop-down menu options. 

Has the product been registered automatically?  Why am I getting no drop-down menu options?


Model Name:    Mac mini
  Model Identifier:    Macmini9,1
  Chip:    Apple M1
  Total Number of Cores:    8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
  Memory:    16 GB
  System Firmware Version:    7459.141.1
  OS Loader Version:    7459.141.1
  Serial Number (system):    [redacted]
  Hardware UUID:    [redacted]
  Provisioning UDID:    [redacted]
  Activation Lock Status:    Enabled

MacOS Monterrey

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Jeffrey Ragsdale,


Did you follow Mike Rosen’s instructions?


There are two Finale folder hierarchies, with identical folder names.


One resides in the Library folder at “System level”.

This is Finale’s “backup” for restoring missing folders / files.


The other one resides in the Library folder in your user account (and this is the one Mike Rosen is talking about).


In both folder hierarchies there is a Plug-ins folder.


* In which Plug-ins folder did you put the Medieval plug-in?

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As far as I can tell, Medieval 2 Is not Apple Silicon Native. 

and there’s no indication as to when this will happen. Perhaps Robert can find this thread and weigh in on that.


Finale must be run over Rosetta 2 to access it. After starting Finale over Rosetta, you may have to Quit, reinstall Medieval 2, reboot and then restart Finale before it can see the plug-in. I have experienced this on my own M1 Mac with other non-Native plug-ins including NotePerformer.


If, however, it is working without asking you to register, there may be nothing to fix.

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I'm an idiot.  All I needed to do was to go into the Applications folder on MacOS, 'Get Info' for Finale, and tick the 'run in Rosetta' box.

I was able to register without issue.  Now, let's see if I can actually learn this plug-in.  Sorry for the bother and thank you, everyone! - JR

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Hi Jeffry, 


Glad to see you got this resolved. Please do a couple things:

1) Edit your original post title and add Resolved to it. This helps others with the same issue when they do a Google search.

2) In your User Account, add the particulars of your setup so that they show up in every post like a signature. Although I guessed correctly in one of my first answers, had I known you had an M1 Mac, I would not have written the rest and your issue would have been resolved sooner. This saves you having to put all of the info we need to begin guessing. None of us will remember your setup next time you have a question. Yours doesn't have to be as complete as mine: Finale version, MacOS and processor (M1 in your case) is usually sufficient.

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Dear Jeffrey, and all,


I am sorry to hear of this compatibility problem.


Medieval 2.5, with (notably) full Mac Silicon support, is a looooong overdue, and only my activity as a musician, as a software developer in other fields, and as a father of 3, has prevented me from releasing it earlier.


There however is hope: the software and typography parts are done, with a lot of goodies (additional 'Machaut' font for mensural music, new entry method, etc.) and I am currently giving the finishing touch to the documention and installers.


Time to get this out of the door!


Medieval 2.5 will be a free upgrade for already registered customers. And while having been completely modernized, Medieval 2.5 can still function with version of Finale as old as 2012 ;-)


Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!


PS: if you want to receive a beta version, please let me know at robert(at)

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Good news, Robert. Thanks for weighing in and keeping us up to date.

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