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Has anyone here used Finale long enough to answer this question?

I have been a heavy user of Finale since the early 1990s. After getting most of the upgrades through 2007 I did not see that I needed any of the newer features so stuck with 2007. Meanwhile, ten years have gone by! I need to be able to open more recent files so apprehensively went for the big jump from Finale 2007 to Finale 25.

It looks the same, works the same, and all my old files open without any problem. There is even still Patterson beams and TG Tools. I see only a couple of minor changes to menus.

What am I missing? What important features were added since 2007?

Both relieved and disappointed...

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A lot has happened with Finale since version 2007.

The list is just WAAAAAY too long.



You are specifically asking about added features since v2007.

- Are you not interested in user interface changes?


We need you to be more specific about what Finale features you use.


1) Do you use Finale for professional engraving?

2) Do you use Finale for professional audio output? (perhaps in combination with a DAW)

3) During note entry in a transposing instrument, is correct playback and display important to you?

4) Do you notate with chord symbols?

5) Do you notate with lyrics?

6) Do you notate for percussion?

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