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I have Finale v27.7, operating on Windows 11.

My question is purely regarding visual print.

My score contains a series of short-length chord-rolls. Playback of them is fine. However, as Finale-created three lengths of roll symbols,

with the shortest roll containing 4 tildes and the longest roll containing 8 tildes, even the shortest of them is sadly too long. The following samples are my usage of them in my score, and how they appear. (Their location is indicated with the orange arrow.)

(I suppose the above sample is the least bad of all of them. Still, notice how conspicuously the tail falls outside the length of the c#-minor chord, even when it spans an 8v.)

I did attempt to create a new articulation using not a "symbol" but a "shape", where I deployed a modified print-screened image of the shortest roll. I used bitmap image app to delete two of the tildes of the shortest roll and created the "shape" of a new roll that only contained two tildes. However, despite tedious efforts to make it look as authentic as possible, the new artic. item just didn't look the same as those Finale-imbursed chord-roll symbols: The image was not anti-aliased (meaning, the image of the "shape" had very jagged edges, and it either looked too big, too small, too wide or too skinny. Secondly, the playback of the rolls did not sound the same. (I realize from this that Finale's imbursed chord-roll symbols have in-built playback that make the roll sounds nice, like a real piano-roll. Using a "shape" that deployed the image of a roll took that in-built playback away.)

Does Finale in fact have a hidden roll symbol that is even shorter than the one that is given? If not, is there another solution to getting this roll? Is there perhaps a customary plug-in that is available? If so, where can I access it?

Thank you for your help.


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I would consider using the Smart Shape Tool, to get an arrow with adjustable length.


The attached graphic shows an arrow created with the Smart Shape Tool’s sub-tool Custom Line Tool.

For the repeated character I went to the Symbol Selection’s sub-group Multi-segment Lines, and selected character EAAA.

The arrowhead is a Custom Arrowhead, created in the Shape Designer, using the sub-tool Polygon Tool, with a Line Thickness of 2.5pt (using Points as Measurement Units).

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Hi again, @Peter Thomsen,
That is actually one thing that I forgot to mention. I do try to avoid creating customary smart shape lines, on the account that it inappropriately playbacks a pedal resonance, when I use it; even when I haven't created a pedal marking. Unless you know how to make a play a role rather than a pedal?
Also, this is on a limb, just for my future reference. I'm aware of the 'stacking' feature' that's available as one of the options in creating a new articulation item. Would it be possible to somehow create a default symbol, a roll with an arrow, and use another shape, a tilde without any arrows, as the chain 'stacking' item? Would we be able to combine these two items to create said-roll articulation? (As it currently is, I can only 'stack' a roll with an arrow, which causes the arrow to duplicate ontop of itself. Obviously, not the desired visual I wanted.) If this feature isn't available, may I kindly suggest it for a future version of Finale? =)

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… I'm aware of the 'stacking' feature' that's available as one of the options in creating a new articulation item …


What you are talking about, is - in "Finale-speak” - called {Copy main symbol Vertically}.


The term ‘articulation stacking’ refers - in “Finale-speak” - to the feature of avoiding collisions between different articulations on the same note.

Example: staccato dot and tenuto line.


As Finale works now, the roll articulation does not have an arrowhead.

You can add an arrowhead as a separate item, but then you have to, manually align the roll articulation and the arrowhead precisely to each other.


A roll articulation with an arrowhead sounds like a good feature request.

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