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I´m working on a MacOs Catalina

Finale version

When i choose tab for 4 string bass, I get a six string system. 

I use Finales assistant to create the page

Am I doing something wrong?




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You may have found a bug in the Assistant.


But try another way:


1) Use the Staff Tool to add a blank staff (this will be for the Bass TAB).

2) Selection Tool. Select the blank staff.

3) Utilities menu > Change Instrument…


Tablature > 4 string Bass [TAB]


Does that work for you?

It works for me (Finale v27).

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Håkan Pettersson,


1) I spoke too soon.

This may not be a bug in the Assistant, but rather a matter of whether the actual Finale document contains a Definition of 4 string Bass.

Before you change the instrument to 4 string Bass [TAB], first make sure that the Finale document contains a defined 4 string Bass:

When you have done so, try the utility Change Instrument, and change the instrument to 4 string Bass [TAB].


2) I have sent you a Finale v26 document.

Do yourself a favor:

Please remove your e-mail @dress before the spam bots find it.

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