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I'm working on a large orchestra score. Because I added several staves as I was working, I had to do the groups over a couple of times. I finally deleted all the groups then set them up all over. After I re-made the group names and brackets, they only show up on page 1. I tried the  Utilities/Check Notation/Reset all groups and brackets command and that does make the groups show up after page 1, but they are all wrong. 

v. Mac OS 12 

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It sounds like some sort of file corruption.


But take a look at the group definitions:

Staff Tool.

Staff menu > Groups and Brackets > Edit…

You get to the dialog box Group Attributes.


In the pop up menu at the top you can go through all the groups, and examine the group settings.

Pay attention to the measure range.

If a group should show in all the measures of the entire document, then the option

All Measures

should be selected.

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