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I noticed a bug. If you have measures that are not included in the measure numbering, clef changes appear in the wrong measure.

Windows 10


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Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this problem.

For me, the clef change always appears in the correct measure.


1) Take a look in Preferences - View.

In the pane Measure Numbers, what option is selected ?

Display Defined Measure Numbers ?


Display Actual Measure Numbers ?


2) Can you provide exact steps to reproduce the problem ?

What are your steps when inserting a clef change ?

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Defined measure numbers is selected.

Twice early in this piece, there is a dotted barline to separate ideas. The measure after the dotted barline is not included in the measure numbering because there is no meter change.

To get the clef change to appear where I want it, I have to double click two measures sooner with the clef tool .

To do mid-measure clef changes, I have to delete the measure number regions, insert the clefs, then replace the measure number regions. (This file has three measure number regions.)

I just noticed that if I display actual measure numbers, the problem goes away.

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