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I am running Finale V on a PC Desktop. I have spent hours on this issue and cannot seem to solve it. My issue happens with scrubbing of my score, which happens to be a big band arrangement that only uses a sax section (2A, 2T & a Bari.) There is also a vocal line and the standard rhythm section of electric piano, electric bass, guitar and drums are tacit. 

When I scrub parts of the score I want to check, I only hear the rhythm section parts. The saxes do not playback in scrub. Now when I playback the score and don't scrub, the entire parts, including the saxes playback! If I scrub a section, I only hear piano, guitar and bass.

I have checked my score manager and mixer and nothing is muted. I am at a loss for what is going on. I also have scrolling checked in Playback Settings.

Looking forward to an answer for something I am overlooking which might cause this issue in my scrubbing playback?

BTW, it was scrubbing just fine, until the last day or so.

Again, thank you so much for your help on this issue.

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Have you restarted the computer? Often, when things stop working for no apparent reason, a restart can help.

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