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Hello friends In both photos I have spaced with key 4. When hiding only the alterations (JW Change/alterations/visibility) it doesn't keep the spacing, on the other hand when hiding the altered note (JW Change/note entries/visibility) the spacing keeps right. i don't understand why! and i don't see a solution. 

I would like to preserve the spacing and hide the alterations. Basically how Finale (rightly) behaves in the other photo. I thought if Finale can do it in one condition then that means he can do it.

macOS Yosemite, Finale 27.4.1





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This is confusing.

It is not clear what you need.


In the two examples you do not have the same accidentals.

The last group of 4 eighths is different in the two examples.

* Should the first eighth display a natural ?

* Should the third eighth display a sharp ?

What do you need ?

And which spacing do you need ?
Please explain.

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My question is: How does Finale regard hidden elements?
They should only be hidden on screen and retain their own characteristics even in the spacing!
The issue is that I have found inconsistent behaviour.
When hiding alterations Finale removes the spacing.
When hiding notes or notes with alteration it retains the note and alteration spacing.
I don't understand the behaviour!
If Finale would keep the spacing in case you only want to hide alterations, it would be very easy to add alterations with custom brackets built into Finale, for example.
I think this is a bug. Hidden means it stays there with its spacing as well, but simply does not print.

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… How does Finale regard hidden elements? …


Finale can do what you need:

Space hidden elements, or not space hidden elements.

All you have to do, is tell us what you need.

The better we understand, the better we can help.


If I understand you correctly, you need space for an expression in place of the “real” accidental - right?

In Other Words: you need to make the “real” accidental not print, but you still need the accidental’s horizontal spacing - right?

In this case I would not hide the accidental, but rather move it vertically down below the bottom of the page.

In that way the accidental will not print, even if it is not “hidden” - technically speaking.


I hope that this is clear ?

If not, ask again.

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Yes Peter my intention is to have different types of brackets for alterations. Square brackets and others. If Finale would keep the space of the alteration when it is hidden, everything would be simpler. But my question is: how does Finale consider hidden elements?
And why can't this possibility be implemented?

This is my request to the developers!!! Hoping they read!

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… This is my request to the developers!!! Hoping they read! …


This forum is for solving problems when using Finale.

To make a feature request, post in the forum for Feature Requests.

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