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I have a 4-movement work that uses a total of three flute players. I would like to use ScoreMerger to combine the four files into a single score, then extract custom parts for the three players. The parts are currently entered as follows:

Mvt 1: Piccolo, Flute 1/2 (share a staff)

Mvt 2: Flute 1/2 (share a staff), Alto Flute

Mvt. 3: Flute 1/2 (share a staff), Flute 3 (switches to piccolo)

Mvt. 4: same as Mvt. 1


I would like to create parts as follows

[Player X plays Mvt. I  /  II  /  III  /  IV]

Player 1 plays: Flute 1 / Alto Flute / Flute 1 / Flute 1

Player 2 plays: Flute 2 / Flute 1 / Flute 2 / Flute 2

Player 3 plays: Piccolo / Flute 2 / Flute 3 & Picc. / Piccolo

Is there a way to do this without creating three separate staves in each score? Thank you for any help!

(((macOS 10.13.3, Finale

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Finale has linked parts.
Is there any particular reason why you extract parts - instead of using linked parts?

This is how I would do - with linked parts:

Merge the four movements into one Finale document (use the ScoreMerger).

In the merged document, create three new flute parts - you could e. g. call them Player 1, Player 2, Player 3.

In each of the new flute parts, include all three flute staves.
Then, for each movement, hide the staves that are not needed for that particular player.

Matt Sadowski wrote:… It's OK if Flute 1/2 see each other's notes …

If it is preferred that “Flute 1/2 see each other's notes”, then you are done already.

Hiding the “other's notes” will require some extra work, but the details depend on the layout in the Flute 1/2 staff.

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