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I am using Finale on macOS 10.14 (Retina MacBook Pro 15" Late 2015 i7 2.2GHz with external 2560*1440 monitor). Very often the screen doesn't redraw and there are various elements "frozen" until I manually redraw the screen (cmd+D). This happens for example when I delete the contents of a measure: while everything is clear many times there are some "stuck" dynamics that are not gone and they disappear only after cmd+D. The same happens also when using Simple Entry: many times the notes are displayed erratically and the problem goes away only after manual screen redrawing. 

Is there a solution to this problem? Otherwise if it is a bug please fix it because under large workloads and strict deadlines this issue is quite frustrating.


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Have you updated the OS to 10.14.2?


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