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Before I make the purchase I'd like to know if the Chris Hein Guitar Library with Kontakt Player is compatible with Finale v26. My system is an iMac with the latest Os.

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Good question. Chris Hein Guitar is an old product. The screen shots show Kontakt Player 2. (Kontakt 2 Player shipped with Finale a long, long time ago but not in many years).


Kontakt and Kontakt Player became 64 bit only with version 5.6.5. Before that, they were 32 bit only and the earlier version does not work in Finale 25/26.


This is a round about way of saying that I don't know. If Chris Hein Guitar works in Kontakt Player 6 or 5.6.5, it should work with Finale. It doesn't matter if the library ships with the current version of KP (it's a free download) only that it's compatible with 5.6.5 or 6.


Kontakt is the paid version while Kontakt Player is a free version that works with 3rd party libraries only if the developers have paid license fees to Native Instruments for that functionality. I could find nothing on the web one way or the other so you may have to contact the developer for current compatibility.


Seeing screen shots for KP 2 tells me, "no way". I could easily be wrong.




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