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Mac 10.13.6


Several of my files are crashing and corrupting. I can’t figure out why.
It’s gotten to the point that the backups are also corrupted.

There are a couple of commands that seem to be bringing this on.

1. When I try to make a change in a repeat, for example, in the Backward Repeat Bar Assignment if I go from: Repeat Section XX Times, to Always Jump, when I click OK, is when the problem sometimes starts.

2. When I try to make a tempo change in the Playback Controls, is the other command that brings corruption

After I attempt to make one on the above-mentioned changes, the ball begins to spin, and it won’t stop. When I check status of Finale, by doing a Command/Tab,
I find the message that “Finale is not responding.”

At that point, I have no choice other than to force quit.

Then, I am never again able to open up that file.
If I try to open one of the corrupted files, the ball begins to spin and “Finale is not responding.”

I re-installed the software. It didn’t help.

I'm having the same problem on both my Mac Pro and my Macbook Air. 
So, I know that it’s not my computer.

Any suggestions? Anyone else having the same problem?

Thank you. Gary Wofsey


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I would certainly send that in to Tech support. Use the Submit a Request tab at the top of this page.

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