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Mac OSX 10.14.4 Mojave

27" iMac


A tempo marking (quarter note=94) with playback set to Tempo > quarter note > set to value = 94 should change the playback tempo until another change is inserted, shouldn't it? In a current score I'm working on, it lasts only one measure and then reverts to the previous tempo. The music involving the new tempo was copied from a different Finale file and pasted into the larger work. In the file it was copied from, there is no tempo change after the first bar, so I don't think the revert to the previous tempo is coming in with the pasted measures. Are there any hidden reasons why the tempo change would not have playback effect beyond the measure the expression is attached to?


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Three things control the tempo in Finale:

MIDI Tool (= the recorded tempo changes)
Expression Tool (= the expression tempo changes)
Playback Controls

And they work in a hierarchical fashion.

The tempo in the Playback Controls is overridden by an Expression that sets a tempo.
This is overridden by the MIDI Tool, which is at the top of the “Tempo Hierarchy”.


In Other Words:

Edit menu > Clear Selected Items…

De-select everything, and clear only the (MIDI Data) Tempo Changes.


Does this step solve your problem?

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Yes it did! Thank you. 


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