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Finale-specific fixes

NotePerformer now uses key-switches rather than MIDI controllers for articulations in Finale, based on the fact that this is what Garritan’s internal sounds use. To the extent possible, NotePerformer’s choice of key switches also matches that of Garritan’s built-in sounds, which should make NotePerformer somewhat more immune to playback errors as a result of stray key-switches that are hard-coded into existing scores.

Slurs would sometimes initiate or end legato playback on the wrong note. Also, slurs ending on a staccato note would not always playback correctly. These problems have been fixed.

Doits and falls would sometimes play on the preceeding note instead. An error which could also make the articulation inaudible. The problem has been corrected.

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Hi Mike,


I just downloaded the 26.2 update and now noteperformer 3 is causing delays in note entry and sound (like with v25 but actually worse). Everything runs slower with it now. When I switch the garritan sounds the delay goes away. Any idea what might be happening? Have you experienced that at all?

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