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Ciao, ho problemi a inserire le note ai livelli 2 e 3.
Se noti il ​​video, non riesco a inserire le note correttamente.
Finale 26.2.

Lo stesso problema si verifica sia con il livello 2 che con il livello 3 e livello 4.
Invece di allinearsi verticalmente, la prima nota si sposta verso destra e non si allinea.
Anche se utilizzo un inserimento rapido, non è un inserimento semplice.
Come risolvere?


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Hi, Adriano,

Here's the translation that the Google gave me:


" Hi, I'm having trouble entering notes at levels 2 and 3.
If you notice the video, I can't enter the notes correctly.
Final 26.2.

The same problem occurs with both level 2 and level 3 and level 4.
Instead of aligning vertically, the first note moves to the right and does not align.
Even if I use a quick insert, it's not a simple insert.
How to solve?
Thanks ... "


Please tell us what operating system you are using and how you are entering notes, Speedy Entry, Simple Entry or? and what your setup is.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
I use windows 10 and regarding how I insert the notes, the problem arose both that I used the mouse (as in the video) and the Simple Entry.
But this morning I saw that the problem no longer appears.
It must be one of those problems that appear randomly.
However I had then solved by moving the notes from the first level of the left hand astride notes.

Operating system Windows 10, Intel i7, 16gb ram.


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