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A bit of a tricky problem:i

I have merged 3 scores horizontally, A followed by B followed by C. In score B I had forgotten 2 instruments, trumpet and trombone. So Now I end up with an A part and a C part that have all instruments and staves, and a B part that is missing these two instruments/staves. I need to add the trumpet and trombone staves to just part B, so that the score looks the same throughout (same instruments, same number of staves). How can I do that? 

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If you examine your merged document in Scroll View, then you will see that the missing staves are there all right in all the measures of the entire document, also in the B part.


In Other Words:

All the staves are there already.

It is just that Trumpet and Trombone are hidden from Page View in the B part.

You just have to un-hide them.


I am not sure how they are hidden, but try this:

Staff Tool.

Select All.

Staff menu > Show Empty Staves

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