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Windows10 home, latest Finale

I have beewn composing music ona score. suddenly after page 38 everythingnseems bigger, the notes, the staffs etc and it does not fit anymore in one page. How to make the entire score have everything with same dimensions as the first part?



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On a copy of your file try this...


  1. Choose the Resize (%) Tool
  2. Right-click in a measure of the last system (on p. 38) that is the size you want
  3. Choose Resize System
  4. A panel will appear with the specs for that system pre-entered
  5. Select System [whatever] through end of piece
  6. Click OK



Because your description does not make clear whether the page size has changed or the system size has changed, I am making an educated guess here, which is why I strongly suggest you try this on a copy of your file.

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… suddenly after page 38 everything seems bigger, the notes, the staffs etc and it does not fit anymore in one page …


Probably the culprit can be found here:

Document menu > Page Format > Score…


The settings in {Page Format for Score} are used when new systems/pages are created.

Hence the problem appears after Page 38.


You should change the settings in {Page Format for Score} so that they match the formatting settings on the first 38 pages.

When you have done so, you can fix the layout via Redefine Pages:

Page Layout Tool.

Page Layout menu > Redefine Pages…

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