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I merged 3 scores, A,B, and C into one. A and C have now the same format (size of staffs, separation space between staffs, margins from top and bottom etc), but B seems to be stuck with another format : it has the right size/thickness of staffs, but it has bigger space between the staffs, with the result that it looks different./discontinuous and overlflows the page at the bottom. How can I harmonize the entire score so that all pages have the same format (space between staffs etc) as part A? 

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Open the merged document.


1) Go to

Document menu > Page Format > Score…

and make sure that the settings are as needed.

If you change/correct the settings, you will not see any immediate change in the score.

The settings in Page Format for Score are used when new pages/systems are created.

To update the already existing pages/systems, switch to the Page Layout Tool, and use

Page Layout menu > Redefine Pages > All Pages of Current Part/Score


2) The distance between the staves (= the staff spacing) may not be fixed by step 1).

To fix, switch to the Staff Tool, Scroll View, and correct the staff spacing there, e. g. via

Staff menu > Staff Usage…

Then, switch to Page View, and use

Staff menu > Respace Staves…

Choose the option {Set to Scroll View Spacing}.

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