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No matter what I set the tempo to, I get about 120. I tried deleting the tempo number and re-entering my own tempo, I tried using the arrows to change the tempo. Is Playback broken? 


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Three things control the tempo in Finale:

MIDI Tool (= the recorded tempo changes)
Expression Tool (= the expression tempo changes)
Playback Controls

And they work in a hierarchical fashion.

The tempo in the Playback Controls is overridden by an Expression that sets a tempo.
This is overridden by the MIDI Tool, which is at the top of the “Tempo Hierarchy”.



From your description it sounds like you only know about the Playback Controls.

You can not control the Tempo via the Playback Controls unless the Tempo is not controlled by neither the MIDI Data Tempo Changes nor by an expression with playback effect Tempo.


1) To clear MIDI Data Tempo Changes:

Selection Tool. Select All (= Ctrl-A).

Edit menu > Clear Selected Items…

In the dialog box Clear Selected Items, de-select everything except

MIDI Data > Tempo Changes


2) To remove an expression:

Expression Tool. Handles appear on all the expressions.

Select the expression’s handle, and hit the delete key.

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