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I just purchased Finale and am trying to open MusicXML files of orchestra pieces that I saved from Logic X, however they do not seem to be opening properly. In some cases I'm receiving a dialog box that says:

Error while importing MusicXML file/Users/robsbar/Desktop/XML Files/Blood-Stained Kisses.xml at part 38, measure 72. Please contact MakeMusic Support for assistance.

The scores that appear are cut off vertically, about halfway through the orchestra, ending somewhere in the woodwinds or brass sections. Also there is a grayed out area portion of the score that is there. In most cases the entire score is also cut off horizontally, missing the latter part of the score.

The files that do not show this dialog box warning are also having the same problems.

Another issue seems to be that when I play these and other Finale files back I'm only hearing choir. The rest of the Garritan sounds seem to be omitted.

Thank you in advance.

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