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J'ai bien Aria Player et les sons Finale 26 par défaut mais je n'arrive pas à trouver le chemin pour mettre les VST Garritan que j'ai achetés comme JABB, Pipes Organ, Harps, etc...Si quelqu'un a la solution je l'en remercie par avance. Bonne soirée.


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What exactly is the problem? Are the VSTs not appearing in Cubase and Dorico? Do you have the latest version of ARIA Player and Engine? This includes a 'VST3' version, as well as the 'VST2' plug-ins. The VST2 plug-ins must be allowed explicitly in the preferences.

Once you've got the VSTs available in the apps, then you need Expression Maps for Dorico to translate the notation into the MIDI signals that Garritan wants.

I've written some instructions and provided Expression Maps for GPO5 here:

There are some old ones for Cubase here:

There is new documentation for Dorico - en Français!

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