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Hello everybody!

I hope you can help me!

Yesterday I bought the Garritan CFX Concert Grand. I tried to install on my hard drive but I didn't have enough storage so I couldn't ( yes, I know, I had to check before...)
so I had to cancel the installation . After that I tried to install it again but now the "installer" program didn't allow me to choose an external hard drive for the library.
(I attach a picture)

What can I do? I think is because some part of the program was installed in my computer. But, I'm afraid on uninstall it becuase of this article

In this article they say the following sentence:

Note: Do not remove CFX Concert Grand from your computer unless you have the USB drive with the installers provided by MakeMusic. This will be the only way to reinstall the software if you wish to do so, and replacement drives do have an extra cost.

And I don't have any USB with the installers. I just downloaded the program...


Any idea what can i do?? I need to use this library as soon as possible in order to make some recorders!! 


Thank you so much!!

I use a Macbook Pro from 2017 running MacOs 10.13.6


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