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Can you PLEASE turn over MIDI instrument control from Finale to Aria?  On MacOS Big Sur (maybe other os versions), there is NO WAY TO control instrument settings from Finale that allow the user to fully control the instrument.  Changes in AU Banks NEVER EVER "stick" and now every Garritan Classic Pipe Organ instrument plays with this huge, huge, wavering tremolo that is not and never has been the common sound of the pipe organ - tremulant on pipe organs is VERY INFREQUENTLY and not being able to control this RUINS ANY MIDI PLAYBACK through FINALE.  This really is not acceptable and there must be a better way.  Very disappointed with Finale 27!!!

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I had the same problem on V26 on windows with the pipe organ. I also notice for odd reasons finale would use the sustain pedal on the pipe organs as well.. The only 2 work arounds I found is to load the MIDI files into a DAW and erase all the midi cc 

that is not part of the organ. The other option is to record myself playing it on the DAW. 

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