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Hey everyone,

I'm using an AKAI MPK Mini keyboard with Finale and I'm curious if there is a way to program the 8 pads to set the duration value of the notes. I have a small amount of desk space and it's awkward to reach over to my numpad on my computer keyboard to change the note value. 



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I don’t see the manual on Akai’s site and the Quick Start Guide offers no clues as to assigning the pads.

I’ve never heard of pads that you can assign to a straight numeric value. This makes such functionality highly improbable. Not saying it can’t be done — just don’t know.


With desk space being a premium, I can only suggest a portable BT numeric pad.


I keep my keyboard and controller on a small, roll-around portable desk that gives me the additional space I need and slides under my desk when not in use. 

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