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I use Rewire between Finale (currently 27) and Digital Performer 11.01 and it works quite well on my iMac Pro, recently updated to Big Sur.


The question: Does anyone have Rewire working on an Apple Silicon Mac? If so, do you need to use Rosetta 2 or does it run native?


The Rewire code has been depreciated by Propellerhead and has not been updated since 2012. Finale installs the needed components. Since DP does not support MusicXML import, Rewire support is a godsend in my work. Rewire works in real time; MusicXML does not but that's ok. Just trying to get my work done here and an extra couple of steps would be a minor inconvenience.

Someday, I expect to move over to an Apple Silicon iMac or Mac Pro. If Finale and DP can no longer talk to each other, it will force me to embrace Logic. I hope it does not come to that.


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