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Hallo zusammen. 

Wie Nutzer Peter habe ich genau dasselbe Problem. Seit der Installation von Windows 11 startet Finale 26 nicht mehr, auch das Öffnen einzelner Dateien im musx-Format funktioniert nicht mehr. Ich habe - wie vom Finale-Support empfohlen - einiges ausprobiert:  

- Finale 26 deinstalliert und dann neu installiert

- Demoversion von Finale 27 installiert

- Download und Aktualisierung sämtlicher Treiber

- Änderung der Einstellungen, was Finale zwingen sollte, bestimmte Treiber zu laden

- Umstellen auf Kompatibilitätsmodus (Starten von Finale mit Windows 8, Windows 10 war nicht einstellbar)

All das führte bisher leider nicht zum gewünschten Ergebnis. Lediglich der Begrüßungsbildschirm erscheint, weiter geht es nicht, so dass man manuell mittels Task Manager abbrechen muss. Ein Downgrade auf Windows 10 möchte ich nicht machen. 

Verzweifelte Grüße, Bernd


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Like user Peter, I have exactly the same problem. Finale 26 has not started since installing Windows 11, and opening individual files in musx format no longer works. As recommended by Finale support, I've tried a few things:
- Finale 26 is uninstalled and then reinstalled
- Demo version of Finale 27 installed
- Download and update of all drivers
- Change of settings, which should force Finale to load certain drivers
- Switch to compatibility mode (starting Finale with Windows 8, Windows 10 was not adjustable)
Unfortunately, none of this has led to the desired result so far. Only the welcome screen appears, you can't go any further, so you have to cancel manually using the Task Manager. I don't want to downgrade to Windows 10.
Desperate greetings, Bernd


Hello, Bernd,


Sorry to see you having these problems. Unfortunately, this is a users board. I don’t know that we will know anything more about this than Make Music Support. Let’s hope they have answers soon.

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Hello Bernd,


It is unfortunate to hear that you are encountering this issue. This is not behavior that we would expect to see and most likely this is not related to Windows 11. I could not find a support ticket under your account, so I can't say at this point what could be causing the problem for you without more info. If this is something that you would like to continue to troubleshoot, please feel free to use the Submit a Request option above and we can take a closer look at this with you.  

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