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hello hive! I've got the latest version of finale on a mac. I can't print parts. when I hit print the print dialogue box does not appear, so I can not select score or parts. instead it goes straight to the printer, and only prints the score. please help. I've asked Finale twice, and they keep coming up with an article on windows and finale 26, which I don't have.

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0) I assume that the document actually contains already generated, Linked Parts (not just the Score) - right?


1) The first thing to try, is viewing one of the parts:

Document menu > Edit Part > …


While viewing the linked part (e. g. the Flute part), try to print.

What happens when you try to print?


2) If you can not print the part you are viewing, try this:

Graphics Tool.

Graphics menu > Export Pages…

If you can export the part as a PDF file, then you can print that PDF file.

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