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I'm composing a piece with electronic and acoustic instruments and mixing in audition. The finale exported .wav lags a bit (ca. 1.5") after about 1.5 min. I've also started getting the sample rate incompatible message, though audition fixes it. This is new and there is nothing different in the other files. Anybody else have this problem? Ideas? 




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What happens if you export .aif from Finale? You can convert to .wav after—I don't use Audition but there's probably a setting for automatic conversion as in nearly all DAWs. Since neither are compressed, all conversion does is strip and rewrite the header file; raw audio is unchanged. I use Digital Performer and work in 48k/24bit .wav but get files from all over in many formats so I've checked the Convert Files Automatically preference—sometimes, on import, I have to wait a few seconds while DP's conversion window is up but that's the only inconvenience.


There are issues with .wav exports in 27. The one time I tried it gave me problems. Support told me these were known going back to 25 & 26. Ok… I haven't experimented to see if using NotePerformer had any effect or if they're all that way. Well, it's back to .aif for me. No problem


If Audition can't do the conversion on import (which would surprise me), QuickTime can one file at a time. There's a way to convert multiple files at a time in AppleMusic(iTunes) but it's a bit convoluted. Free and paid apps exist for batch conversion as well, both Mac and Windows. My go-to is TwistedWave (Mac/iOS only) which will batch convert a few hours worth of multi-format audio into whatever I specify in a few minutes or less among its many neat tricks—paid for itself years ago. 

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