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I used a free finale sample to write some music, then purchased finale print music 2014. Now the formatting in all the music I wrote is all screwy. Are these programs not compatible? Do I have to re-write all my music?


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Apart from PrintMusic 2014 being seven years old and from an older OS, was your "free sample" of Finale the Finale demo/trial version. If so, it would presumably have been an even older version of Full Finale than your PrintMusic program. Could you tell us more about these version and also what computer OS and version you are using now?


In addition, could you post a cut down screen shot that shows what your "screwy" music looks like now in order to help us diagnose what may be happening?


(You could also see if PrintMusic 2014 (or PM 2014.5) is still supported, in which case you could use the "Submit a request" link at the top of this page to send one of your problematic files to Finale Support for analysis.)

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I'm running Windows 10. And you're right, a 2014 program isn't the most up-to-date, but I didn't realize I was downloading a seven-year-old program until I had paid for it. As for the free trial version, I don't know what that was.


Attached are two screen shots. One is of the ridiculous time signature which covers up the notes, and the other is of a floating tie. Thanks for your help!

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I wonder if your "free version" was a demo version of Full Finale. PrintMusic may not have access to the panels to undo the Large Time Signature font. Mike Rosen or another PM user may be able to give you more specifics, but here is what the process from Full Finale is that you would need to reverse to restore your time signature to normal size.


To create large time signatures

Creating large time signatures is common in full conductor scores. You can create these in Finale using the EngraverTime font. This method assigns the large time signature to the score but doesn't affect linked parts. In this method, you'll use staff attributes to hide the usual time signatures, change the time signature font options, and use staff attributes again to show the new time signature. This example works best using a score with six or more staves.

Noteman says: View the Add large time signatures QuickStart Video for an overview.

  1. If you're viewing a linked part and not the score, choose Document > Edit Score.
  2. Choose Plug-ins > Scoring and Arranging > Global Staff Attributes. The Global Staff Attributes plug-in appears.
  3. Deselect Time signatures in score. Click OK.
  4. Choose Document > Document Options. On the left, choose the Fonts category. The Document Options - Fonts dialog box appears.
  5. Next to Notation, select Time (Score). Click the Set Font button. The Font dialog box appears.
  6. Choose EngraverTime, Regular, and Size 48. Click OK.
  7. Choose the Time Signatures category on the left. The Document Options - Time Signatures dialog box appears.
  8. Under Vertical Adjustment, in the Score column, set Top Symbol to 1", Bottom Symbol to -.75", and click OK.

    You may need to experiment with these values to suit the needs of your score.

  9. Choose the Staff tool .
  10. Click to the left of the third staff (to select the entire staff). Choose Staff > Edit Staff Attributes. The Staff Attributes dialog box appears.
  11. Select Time signature in score. Click OK. The large time signature appears.
  12. Repeat the previous step on subsequent staves, spaced apart as needed.


You need to concentrate starting on step 4 to go to the Document > Document Options > Fonts panel if PM has that panel or those menu items. Try to find a normal size font (24?) in Maestro or Engraver, depending on what the rest of your file uses.


The orange note in your second example indicates that the note is out or range for the instrument (and ability of the player selected). If you are using MIDI or Softsynth sounds, the note should play even if it is out of range and will appear black when printed.


Hope that helps. If PM does not let you change the time signature default, you should be able to copy/paste your music into a new file; but admittedly, that is a lot of work.


Needless to say, not everyone has money to throw around upgrading, but MakeMusic will let one upgrade from PM to Finale 27.1 for 1/3 the cost of Full Finale.

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PrintMusic doesn’t have Document Options, so that won’t work. If you did this recently, I would suspect that you used the trial version of F27.

What happens if you simply change the time signature? Does it remain oversized like that? Can you set up a new PM document, and copy the music into that?


You may have to upgrade to the full Finale. Note that the upgrade price, when added to what you paid for PM, is about the sme as the academic/theological price.

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