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While there are 3 different playing styles listed for the Dbl Bass Solo KS instrument, there is no clear way to select one or the other. This includes that there is no pink colored range of keys on the keyboard viewer (yes, with the instrument selected from the audio unit viewer).


I hope that this is enough info to generate a couple of replies. If not, I'm happy to add more. Thanks in advance

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To clarify: this is GIFF, isn't it?


According to the Double Bass Solo KS.sfz file (which is text and can be read in a text editor), the switches are on MIDI keys 0, 5 and 7. (C, F and G). That's probably the "-1" octave**, which is the usual octave range for Notation set instruments. 


GPO5 comes with two sets of instruments: "Notation", with Key switches that are miles away from playable notes; and "Standard", which has Key switches in ranges near playable notes, so that a person can trigger them in performance on the keyboard easily. The set that comes with Finale is a subset of the Notation group.


**  (depending on what number middle C is).

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