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First, I do not know anything about music. 

That being said, I'm interested in buying « instant orchestra; » I've seen things online that makes me feel good about the software - (I'm not sure it is a software - so by now you should trust my header claiming that I need some guidance.

I have a decent laptop with 16 Go Ram,  & windows 10. My sound-card is I think integrated with my motherboard (which I suspect might be problematic) and it is only stated as Realtek High Definition Audio. My graphic-card is a Intel(R) HD Graphic family. 

I do not own a synthesizer nor a DAW (do not know what is it neither as a matter of fact) and would like to keep my investment low: in other words, if I can't use my laptop keyboard to « input » music note on the software I guess I'll past (don't have that much space to have a synth.)

I've search the internet quite a bit: I got half answer here and there, but it is quite an investment for me - so I rather make sure it at least cas be a fit with what I have. Even the Garritan Requrements leave me in doubt on certain parts. I do realize that I'm not familiar with the terminology used. 

Any suggestions, or any form of guidance would be so much appreciate. 

Many thanks in advance,
Daniel Quimper 



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You have no need for Instant Orchestra, or anything else. Garritan products are meant to give a better sound to music created with a notation product. 

You would use a notation program: Finale (or Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore, etc.) to create your music, note-by-note on your computer. This takes knowledge of music, and the notation program. Then, if you were dissatisfied with the supplied sounds, you could go to the other options, once you learned how to use them.



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I thank you very much for having take of your time to answer me. Arggh, it is a bummer. But I'll check on those notation programs you've suggested me and see from there.

Once again, many thanks


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