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Although the Finale program is extremely good I have a remark.

After typing the lyrics into score I often have to correct, by shifting, the syllables.  To do so one must click at least FIVE times:

  1. Open dialog box
  2. Choose direction
  3. Choose an option out of 3
  4. Close dialog box (OK)
  5. Click on syllabe to restore

This must be repeated each time for each correction! In addition Finale memorise the last chosen direction wich is not visible in the score.

To be sure you need to click once more 4 or five times.


Proposition:  make the shifted position visible in the score (for instance on the toolbar...)


Kind regards.


Urbain Van Asch

Zoutwerf 17 / 102 (vanaf 8 sept. 2017)

B2800 Mechelen

+32 15 41 38 32

+32 496 20 94 65


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