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Super-naive senior citizen question: I just upgraded to Finale v.27 and it would not install on my old computer due to OS requirements. No problem! I installed the new version of Finale successfully on a new computer. Now... what is the most practical method for transferring all my old .mus files over to the new computer? 

Old: MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite v. 10.10.5 

New: MacBook Pro, macOS Big Sur v. 11.2  (no USB port for jump drive... eek!)

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To transfer the files, you can use AirDrop on both computers (with Wi-fi activated). Or via an external drive, a USB Flash drive (if you only have USB-C ports on the new Mac, there are adapters to USB-A) or a cloud backup.

Finale 27 will open all your old .mus files. If you decide to re-save them, they will adopt the new .musx format.

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