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I updated my Macbook Pro to Monterey 12.3, and my Finale app disappeared. I reinstalled Finale 26.3, and it will not open. Is this a known problem?

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M1 or Intel?


If M1, open the Applications folder, run Get Info on the Finale icon and select Open in Rosetta 2. See if that works.


Finale 27.2 is the only version that runs in Native mode on an M1. If you are using plugins or libraries that are not Native (such as NotePerformer) you must run Finale in Rosetta 2 until those plugs and VIs are upgraded.


If Intel, use the Submit a request link at the top of the page and send this to MakeMusic Support. 26 opens fine for me over Monterey 12.3 on my iMac Pro.

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